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What's New
  • May, 2012
    Well, it's been really a while...
    First, to see the most up to date info on me, go to my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sgribov - feel free to friend me, if you want to :)

    As far as what I'm doing now, it's complicated, too many things at the same time, so here is a list (not a full one) of what I'm involved at:

  • June, 2009
    Since my MIT graduation I've been envolved in several projects, mostly related to Russia, such as building EAM software for a big Russian company or some Internet related projects. One of my internet project's Webiki is a virtual world for Russian speaking kids and we've launched the beta version of the site now. Everybody who has a 5-12 year old kids, who speak Russian are more than welcome and please help to spread the word too :)

  • June 8, 2007
    This year went by really, really fast... I've just graduated from Sloan Fellows program (MBA) from MIT. It's been a VERY busy and very interesting year as it was promised :) Don't ask me what I'm doing now, because right now I just need to catch a breath a little bit... well... except I'm already talking / thinking about 4-5 startups at the same time :)

  • June 5, 2006
    Back to the school! I thought for some years about doing an MBA program and... I'm starting at the Sloan Fellows Program at MIT. So next year for me will be very interesting, I'll be really busy and will have a lots of fun at the same time :)

  • April, 2006
    After some pretty long time in development, the Social Networking project I'm involved with is finally launched!
    Welcome to what we hope will become the next generation of the Social Networking sites, Vshake.com!

  • July 5, 2005
    I've successfully passed my check-ride and now I'm a Private Pilot!
    After many years I've decided to persue my old dream of flying and started to take a lessons at East Coast Aero Club. It's so great, I highly recommend it to everyone who is thinking about it! If you are also interested in flying you can find some useful flying related links.

  • September, 2003
    Now I'm kind of in an independant consulting mode. Doing some stuff from management consulting, offshore outsourcing to the computer security as well some software development. Checking out different opportunities and having fun :)

  • June 1, 2002
    From now on I'm no longer at Compugen. I've been with this company for 9.5 years, doing different stuff from programming to being CIO, but it's time to move on now. I guess I miss the fun of startup too much :)
    Note: From now on if you want to send me an email, please always use email address: sergey@sergey.com

  • May, 2002
    Finally after many years I've got around to update my Web site, as you can see it now :)