WARNING: This program is not fully tested, so it can have some bugs, which can screw up your addressbook, so please play with it carefully!!! :-)
			Address Book

    This program is GUI editor for the XML addressbook created
    by SyncXmlAB.pm which is the Conduit module for the PilotManager.

To Install:
    Simply untar the distribution (tar xzvf EditXMLAB.tgz) to the location
    where you want it to be -- it'll create the directory EditXMLAB with
    file EditXMLAB.pl and some other stuff.
    Run EditXMLAB.pl.

    Prerequisites: Perl version 5+ with Tk modules installed.

    EditXMLAB.pl [-i addressbook-fname]  [-o output-fname] [-v] [-d]
      addressbook-fname - file name of the XML addressbook,
         default  is ~/.xmlAddr.
      output-fname      - file name to write addressbook (on save),
         default the same as addressbook-fname.
      -v - verbose mode
      -d - debug mode (even more prints)

    The latest version can be found at:
    see http://www.sergey.com/soft/EditXMLAB/ for more information.
    For more info on Pilot manager see: http://www.moshpit.org/pilotmgr/
    For more info on SyncXmlAB.pm see: http://nwalsh.com/sun/palm/

 Note: this is a ALPHA product!

    If you have any questions you can write to me at sergey@sergey.com
    and I'll try to answer, no promises though :-).

    Copyright (C) 2000 Sergey Gribov (sergey@sergey.com)

    This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    You can redistribute and modify it freely, but please leave
    this message attached to this file.

    Subject to terms of GNU General Public License (www.gnu.org)

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